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Charge Action


A Charge Action is the only way a Regiment can move into contact with an enemy Regiment (and therefore able to Clash with that enemy Regiment). A Regiment cannot use a Charge Action if it has arrived from Reinforcements this Turn.

Declaring a Charge

When declaring a Charge you may only choose one enemy Regiment to be the Target of your Charge and it must be within your Line of Sight. Roll a die – this is the Charge Roll.

Add the Charge Roll to the Regiment’s March Characteristic. This is the Charge Distance. If the Charge Distance is equal to or greater than the distance between the Charging Regiment and the Target, the Charge is successful. If the total is less than the distance between the Charging Regiment and the Target, the Charge has failed.

The Charge Move

If the Charge was successful, you may now move the Regiment into contact with the enemy Regiment, following the rules given for a March Action (p. 28) and treat it as if it had a March Characteristic equal to the Charge Distance but may only move directly forwards.

During this move however, your Regiment is only permitted a ‘free’ Wheel of up to 90°, so that as many Stands as possible in the Charging Regiment would reach the Target’s Charged facing if they moved directly forwards.

During a Charge Move a Regiment may move through other Friendly Regiments provided that at the end of its activation it does not end up in an illegal position.

If the Charging Regiment cannot complete its Charge against the target Regiment because its path is blocked by another enemy Regiment, Garrison Terrain or Impassable Terrain, the Charge Action automatically fails.

A Charging Regiment may come to within 1” of other enemy Regiments, Garrison Terrain and Impassable Terrain during a Charge Move. However, it may not contact an enemy Regiment or Garrison Terrain it did not declare a Charge against as part of its Charge Action.

Aligning a Charge

As soon as your Charging Regiment contacts the Charge Target, it stops moving. Then, it aligns to the enemy, by performing another ‘free’ Wheel of up to 90° until both the Charging Regiment’s front and Charge Target.

If the Charging Regiment cannot Wheel flush to the Charge Target (because Terrain or another Regiment is in the way), then the Charge Target Wheels in order to come in contact with the Charging Regiment. Should your opponent have placed their Regiments in such a way as to make it impossible to come into contact with the target without coming into contact with another Regiment as well, complete the Charge normally and force the offending enemy unit 1" away from your Regiment and then Wheel your unit to align the Charge.

Charging Through

A Regiment is allowed to move through Friendly Regiments that are not in base-to-base contact with an enemy Regiment on the turn it Charges. This can be the result of a simple Charge Action, but also part of a sequence of Actions such as Marching and then Charging.

However, this is a very risky manoeuvre. If the combined movement total of the activation(s) is not enough to completely clear the friendly Regiment (or if there is not enough space for the Charging Regiment to completely clear the friendly Regiment), then both Regiments have become hopelessly mired and confused. The Charge fails, the Charging Regiment stops immediately upon coming into contact with the friendly Regiment, and both Regiments are considered as Broken.

Which Facing?

If the Charging Regiment has a choice of facings to Wheel flush to (commonly because it contacts the Charge Target on a corner), it always Wheels flush to the Facing whose Arc it was most in when the Charge Action was declared.

Charging and Inspire

A Regiment that successfully completes a Charge immediately performs a ‘free’ Inspire Action (p. 50). Note that this has no benefit for Impact Attacks and is in effect wasted if your Regiment has no Actions left this Turn.

Failed Charge

If a Charge fails for any reason, the Charging Regiment Marches directly towards the Charge target a distance equal to the result of the Charge Roll, halting 1" away from enemy Regiments and Garrison Terrain. If a Regiment makes a Failed Charge, it loses any other Actions remaining to it that Turn.


Source Materials

  1. TLAoK Core Rulebook v1.5: P. 31-36

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