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A Regiment is the basic fighting formation in Conquest. It can consist of anything from one individual Stand to dozens fighting side by side. Regiments always consist of the same Type of Stand, and usually all Stands in a Regiment share a common Characteristics profile. The only exception is when the Regiment has been joined by a Character, a heroic individual who stands head and shoulders above even the elite of the rank and file and requires special rules, which we will discuss later (see page 70). All Stands in a Regiment fight together – individual Models or Stands cannot leave the Regiment and act independently. Again the only exception to this is when the Regiment has been joined by a Character, which we will discuss later.

Forming a Regiment

To form a Regiment, take all the Regiment’s Stands and place them in an array of ranks (rows) and files (columns), edge to edge and corner to corner. All Stands in the Regiment must be facing in the same direction, giving the Regiment a front, a rear and two flanks. A Regiment can never have fewer than two Stands in its front rank, unless the Regiment has suffered casualties or its starting Regiment size is one Stand. If possible, there should be an equal number of Stands in each rank. If this is not possible, the rear rank is left incomplete.

Placing Command Models

If a Regiment has any Command Models, i.e. a Leader, a Standard Bearer or a unique Regiment upgrade, these should be placed on a single Stand (if possible). See page 66 for more information on Command Models.

Removing Casualties

Inevitably, some Stands will be removed from a Regiment as the battle progresses. Casualties are nearly always removed from the Regiment’s rearmost rank. Should the casualties be suffered by a Regiment Engaged in Close Combat, Casualties need to be removed in such a way as to not affect the number of Stands in contact with the enemy Regiment(s).

Legal Formations

A Regiment has a legal formation if :

  • All its Stands are placed edge to edge and corner to corner
  • All ranks (with the possible exception of the rearmost) contain an equal number of Stands
  • All of the Stands are facing the same way
  • If there is a Stand that has suffered casualties (i.e. does not have the starting number of models), that Stand is in the rear rank

Legal Conditions: As a handy guide, a Regiment’s placement is considered legal when:

  1. No stand in the Regiment is overlapping another at the end of its activation.
  2. No Regiment is overlapping another at the end of its activation.
  3. All stands in a Regiment are entirely within the bounds of play throughout their activation (except when coming on board as reinforcements).
  4. No Regiment is in contact with a friendly Regiment at the end of its activation.


Source Materials

  1. TLAoK Core Rulebook v1.5: P. 12-13

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