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Welcome to the rules wiki for Para Bellum's Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings!

This resource is maintained by a small, handpicked group of Vanguards to ensure that the rules contained are true and accurate to the source PDFs that are released by Para Bellum. If you believe you have found an error, or have other questions or comments, you can reach us at

Sections of the wiki

Source Materials

These are the original documents that are used by the team to update and maintain the wiki. Documents are hosted directly by Para Bellum, and will remain available on the wiki as long as Para Bellum continues to host them.

Core Rules

The core ruleset. Covers everything you need to understand the mechanics of the activations, turns, and game. Does not include Faction-specific information such as units and characters, unique army rules, or unit upgrades.

Faction Rules - Coming Soon

Will cover everything for each faction not covered by the core rules mentioned above. Each faction will have its own section as they have different rules.

Community FAQ

Between errata releases, questions from the community build up and are answered by Para Bellum staff before becoming included in the next release. This FAQ is to collect those answers between releases and should not be confused with the official FAQs that are released during an update.