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Command Models


Some Regiments have the option to take Command Models as upgrades, as detailed in their Army List entry. Any Command Models purchased alongside a Regiment replace one of the ‘normal’ Rank and File models. Command Models are always treated as having the same Characteristics profile as the Regiment they accompany into battle.

Core Command Models

There are two core types of Command Model, used in every Faction and most Regiments. Once a Command Model is removed as a casualty, the associated bonuses are lost, so it is a good idea to place your Command Models at the centre of the Regiment’s front rank.


A Regiment with a Leader halves (rounding up) the number of Wounds it suffers when making a Fighting Reform (p 48) or a Fighting Withdrawal (p 51). In addition, the presence of the Leader allows the Regiment to add 1 Die to their total during Clash or Volley Actions. Infantry Regiments always include a Leader for free.

Standard Bearer

A Regiment with a Standard Bearer gains the Unstoppable Special Rule, and adds one to its March distance (not the March Characteristic) on the second March Action it performs in one activation.

Other Command Models

Most Factions have access to their own unique Command Models in addition to those above. Where this is the case, that model’s rules will be clearly stated within the Faction’s Army List. Infantry Command Models are all placed on the same Stand. Regardless of their options, no Regiment may ever have more than 4 Command Models.


Source Materials

  1. TLAoK Core Rulebook v1.5: P. 66

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