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Your Regiment can only take a March Action if it is not in base contact with an enemy Regiment. If your Regiment is in base contact with an enemy Regiment, it might instead want to make a Withdraw Action (p 50). Marching is the only Action that may be performed twice during a Regiment’s activation without Special Rules indicating otherwise.

March Distance

A Regiment Marches a distance, in inches, equal to its March Characteristic. If there is more than one March Characteristic present in the Regiment, it may March a distance equal to the lowest March Characteristic present.

Direction of March

A Marching Regiment normally moves directly forward. However, it may Wheel during its move. In addition, a Regiment may choose to move directly sideways or backwards but only up to half its regular movement rate.

Performing a Wheel

To perform a Wheel, a Regiment pivots around one of its front corners, using the distance travelled by the opposite corner as the distance travelled during the Wheel. Once the Wheel is complete, it may then continue moving directly forward.

A Marching Regiment may Wheel several times during its March, provided that its overall move is not greater than its lowest March Characteristic.

March Restrictions

A Regiment may not March to within 1 ̋ of an enemy Regiment, Garrison Terrain or Impassable Terrain. However, a Regiment may freely March through Friendly Regiments that are not in base-to-base contact with an enemy Regiment, assuming that at the end of its activation the Regiment is not in an illegal position.

March Through

A Regiment that uses a March Action, may March through friendly Regiments without penalty. However, it can only do so if it has sufficient March distance to pass through all such obstructions. If a single March Action is not enough to clear all such obstructions, a Regiment may use its second March Action to ensure it ends in a legal position. A Regiment cannot March through enemy Regiments, friendly Regiments that are in contact with enemy Regiments, or Garrison Terrain occupied by an enemy.

Reinforcements Marching Onto the Battlefield

See Reinforcements


Source Materials

  1. TLAoK Core Rulebook v1.5: P. 28-30

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