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To keep events moving cleanly, we split the battle itself down into a series of Turns, each of which is further divided into a series of Phases. Both you and your opponent act in each phase, harnessing every ounce of wit and guile in an attempt to seize the advantage for your stalwart troops.

When a Turn starts, play proceeds through its Phases, and you must complete each one before beginning the next. Once all Phases are complete, so is that Turn, and another Turn begins. This process continues until the number of Turns given in the Scenario are complete, or either you or your opponent concedes.

Turn Summary

Reinforcement Phase

  • Both Players roll for Reinforcements, i.e. those Regiments and Characters that have been chosen from the player’s collection to participate in the battle, but have not yet entered the field.
  • Any Reinforcements due to arrive are placed to one side, and will March onto the Battlefield during the Action Phase.

Command Phase

  • Both Players assemble their Command Stacks, created by players arranging the Command Cards of the units that are participating in the battle in order to determine the order of play in later phases.

Supremacy Phase

  • Both Players roll off to determine who is to be the First Player, i.e. the player who will activate their command stack first.

Action Phase

  • Starting with the First Player, the Players take turns activating a unit corresponding to the top Command Card of their Command Stacks, acting with each Regiment in turn until both Command Stacks are empty.

Victory Phase

  • Check Mission Victory Conditions to see if either side has won.
  • If neither player has won, a new Turn begins.


Source Materials

  1. TLAoK Core Rulebook v1.5: P. 20

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