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Line of Sight


There are Actions in the game that require Line of Sight to the target Regiment. To establish Line of Sight from one Regiment to another, the following criteria must be met:

  • The Target Regiment must be within the Front Arc of the Acting Regiment unless stated otherwise by a Special Rule.
  • The Acting Regiment must be able to draw an unobscured line between the center of the front facing of a Stand in its front rank, and the center of ANY facing of a Stand in the enemy Regiment. Regiments or pieces of Terrain that are of a smaller size than the size of the Acting Regiment or the Target Regiment are ignored for the purposes of drawing the unobstructed line.
  • If you have Line of Sight to another Regiment’s Front Arc, then the Target always has Line of Sight to you unless stated otherwise by a Special Rule.


Source Materials

  1. TLAoK Core Rulebook v1.5: P. 14

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