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Conquest Battlefields consist of two kinds of Terrain, each offering different tactical advantages and challenges: Zonal Terrain and Garrison Terrain. Zonal Terrain represents an area on the Battlefield that confers specific advantages or penalties, but can otherwise be moved through without additional rules. Examples of Zonal Terrain include hills, swamps, rivers, and broken ground. Garrison Terrain pieces represent areas of dense Terrain, unsuitable for a Regiment to move through in formation, but offer substantial bonuses to warriors who seek to occupy them.

Elevation Levels

Areas of Elevated Terrain, such as hills, allow your Regiments to see over other Regiments and Obscuring Terrain. The Battlefield, and Terrain upon it, are considered to be Elevation (0) unless otherwise stated. Some Zonal and Garrison Terrain features, such as hills and castle walls, have the Elevation (X), in other words, Obscuring Terrain counts as having the size of the feature it is on. Also, a Regiment on top of such a feature treats its Size as the total of the Elevation Level and Size.

Example: A Regiment of Militia Bowmen (Size 1) sit on top of a hill (Elevation 2), therefore treating their Size as if they were a Size 3 Regiment.

Stands can trace Clear Shots over other Regiments and Obscuring Terrain with a lower Elevation value. So Stands at Elevation (3) can see over Stands on Elevation (2), Stands at Elevation (4) can see over Stands at Elevation (3) and Elevation (2) and so on... Similarly, a Stand making a Volley at a Target with a higher Elevation value ignores all Regiments and Obscuring Terrain with a lower Elevation value than the Target.

Zonal Terrain

See Zonal Terrain

Garrison Terrain

See Garrison Terrain


Source Materials

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