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Between errata releases, questions from the community build up and are answered by Para Bellum staff before becoming included in the next release. This FAQ is to collect those answers between releases and should not be confused with the official FAQs that are released during an update. References are provided whenever possible, but occasionally must be omitted due to the source not being in a public space. These are denoted with * in the section title.


Calculating Impact Hits with Support X

In short, Impact Hits should always be calculated as half of total clash attacks, rounded up.[1]

Mnemancer Apprentice granting Flurry and Cleave during a Duel action*

Para Bellum was asked for clarification as Flurry is a Clash-only special rule. Leandros replied:

Great question! So the flurry special rule states that is being used during a Clash Action. However, the mnemancer apprentice states that you gain Flurry and Cleave when fighting a Duel action therefore overriding Flurry in regards to when it will be active. Now a better wording would be that you gain Cleave 1 and re-roll failed to Hit rolls when fighting in a Duel Action.

Healing Regiments with 1 Remaining Stand

Can I heal a stand back when I have 1 remaining stand?[2]

In short, No. You can heal the stand but not regain any missing stands.[3]