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A Stand that can use the Spellcasting Action has access to spells.

The precise number of spells a Stand has depends on how many you purchased when you created your Army List. Purchasing additional spells or miracles for your Stand does not grant additional raw power – only wider variety. The spells available to a Stand, and their effects, are detailed in that Faction’s Army List.

Spell Profiles

Much like a Stand, a spell has a Characteristics profile, detailing what it does. A spell’s profile has the following components.

Range: The maximum Range of the spell, in inches. If the range is given as ‘Self ’, the spell can only target the caster (although it will often have a benefit on his entire Regiment).

Casting Difficulty: Represents the difficulty of casting the spell. A spell with a lower Casting Rate is harder to cast.

Scaling: Certain spells are marked as scaling. These spells are harder to cast when affecting a large number of troops.

Effect: These are the effects that result from a successfully cast spell.

Name : Fire Dart
Range : 16" Casting Difficulty : 3
Effect : Inflicts one Hit per success. Hits have the Cleave 2 special rule.
Name : Call Fog
Range : Self Casting Difficulty : 3
Effect : All Stands in the caster’s Regiment count as Obscured against all Volley Actions until the Character Acts again.


Source Materials

  1. TLAoK Core Rulebook v1.5: P. 80

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