Impact Hits

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Impact Attacks


Some troops – such as knights – rely on the sheer, overwhelming force of their impact to inflict damage on the foe.

Once a successful Charge is completed, Impact Hits are resolved. Impact Hits are only inflicted by Stands that are Medium Cavalry, Heavy Cavalry, Medium Brutes, Heavy Brutes, Medium Monster or Heavy Monster. Infantry Stands and Light Stands do not inflict Impact Hits unless Special Rules, such as [[Throwing Weapons]], say otherwise.

Take note of the number of the Charging Regiment’s Stands in contact with the Charge Target. To calculate the total number of Impact Hits to be inflicted, multiply the Stand’s Models by their Attacks Characteristic, then add any bonus dice. Finally, halve that total by rounding fractions up.[2]

These Attacks are resolved exactly like Strikes during a Clash, and can cause Morale Tests (p 48).

Unengaged Stands and Impact Hits

Each Stand not in contact with the enemy contributes 1 Impact Hit[3], regardless of the number of Models or its Attacks Characteristic.

Inspired Strike and Impact Hits

Impact Hits do not receive the To Hit bonus from Inspired Strike.


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