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Infantry Models fight on rectangular Stands alongside their comrades. An Infantry Stand consists of four Models. As the Stand suffers Wounds, you will remove Models as a simple means of recording casualties. Once the last Model is removed, its Stand is also removed. Each Brute, Cavalry and Monster model occupies a whole Stand (albeit a much larger Stand in the case of a Monster). When a Brute, Monster or Cavalry model is removed, its Stand is removed as well.

All Models on a Stand always belong to the same Type. You would not, for example, have a mixed Stand of Infantry and Cavalry. Models on a Stand should always be arranged so they are facing in the same direction. This gives the Stand a front, a rear and two flanks, whose importance we will find out later. Stands are arranged together in Regiments.

Stands and Size

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Source Materials

  1. TLAoK Core Rulebook v1.5: P. 11-12

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