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War is an uncertain business. We use dice to represent that uncertainty, be it the chance of landing a lethal blow or the odds of a Regiment standing and fighting even in the face of defeat. All dice rolls in Conquest use six-sided dice, sometimes called D6.

Making Rolls

Most dice rolls in Conquest require the player to compare his dice roll against a Target Characteristic. This is often a Characteristic, such as Clash, Volley or Resolve but can be more esoteric such as a Model's capacity to Resist Decay. When making one of these rolls you are looking to roll equal to or under the desired Target Characteristic.

Automatic Pass and Fail

If a rule calls upon you to roll a die and compare it to a Characteristic, i.e. a numerical representation of the Regiments’ (or Characters’) battlefield prowess, a result of ‘6’ is always a failure, and a result of ‘1’ is always a success – regardless of other modifiers. Even the best troops experience bad luck, and even the lowest of the low deserve a chance at victory.


If a rule calls upon you to re-roll a die, simply pick it up and roll it again, abiding by the new result. Once a die has been re-rolled once, it cannot be re-rolled again – regardless of the circumstances.

Roll Off

Occasionally, the rules will call upon you and your opponent to roll off. When this happens, you each roll a die – the one with the higher result wins. If the result is a draw, re-roll. Keep re-rolling until there is a clear winner (this is an exception to the rule stating that you cannot re-roll a re-roll).


Source Materials

  1. TLAoK Core Rulebook v1.5: P. 10

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