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Armies, Regiments, Stands, and Models


In Conquest, each player commands an army of fantasy miniatures, ranging from shambling skeletons and iron-willed Dweghom Infantry to raging Avatara Clones and rampaging dragons. This section covers how to arrange those miniatures in order to fight a battle.

The Army

Simply put, your Army is all the Models you are bringing to the battle, whether they’re lowly Force-Grown Drones, mighty Brutes or anything in between. Normally, you will use an Army List to work out exactly which models go into your army. Whenever the rules refer to Your Army, they mean every Model, Stand and Regiment in your Army. Whenever the rules refer to Your Opponent’s Army, they mean every Model, Stand and Regiment under your opponent’s command.


When the rules refer to a Model, they mean the whole miniature, including its base. For the purposes of the game, we treat the base, however decorative, as part of the Model. However, very few Models – except for the largest and most fearsome of Monsters – act alone. Most fight together.

Types of Model

In Conquest, every Model has a Type.

  • Infantry are the mainstays of each army – numerous and dependable.
  • Cavalry are tougher and faster than Infantry.
  • Brutes are huge creatures, often twice the height (or more!) of a human.
  • Monsters are the rarest of all, each with the raw might to match dozens of other warriors.


See Stand


See Regiment


Source Materials

  1. TLAoK Core Rulebook v1.5: P. 11

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