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Wound Pool

Wounds are not assigned directly to Regiments. Rather each failed Defence Roll adds one marker to your Wound Pool. (Note that Special Rules, such as Deadly Attacks, can modify this).

Removing Casualties

If all Stands in your Regiment have a Wounds Characteristic of 1, simply remove one Model for each Wound in the Wound Pool, one at a time.

Each Casualty must be removed from an incomplete Stand (i.e. a Stand that has already had one or more Models removed) if possible. If there are no incomplete Stands, you may remove the next casualty from a Stand at the opposite end of the rear rank. In other words Stands are removed from alternating ends of the rear rank, so that the Stands in the middle are the last ones remaining.

It is important to keep in mind that the next step in the process, Testing Morale, requires the players to keep an accurate tally of the number of Wounds suffered by each unit in a single Turn. As a result, in order to ensure an accurate count, players should keep all of the casualties and stands removed from a unit in a single Turn separate from their other models.

Stands with Multiple Wounds

If all Stands in your Regiment have a Wounds characteristic of 2 or more, it’s a little more complicated, but the same principles apply. Instead of removing Models from a Stand, you remove Wounds from the Wound Pool and allocate them to that Stand. Once the number of allocated Wounds equals the Stand’s Wounds Characteristic, remove a Model as a casualty and reset the number of allocated Wounds to 0. Then, if there are any Wounds left in the Wounds Pool, start again until the Wounds Pool is empty, or the Regiment has been destroyed.

Excess Wounds & Wounded Markers

With multi-Wound Stands, you will often have a situation when Wounds are allocated to a Stand, but they’re not enough to cause a Model to be removed.

When this happens, place a Wounded marker for each Wound beside the Regiment as a reminder. The next time that Regiment suffers Wounds, remove all Wounded markers, and add an equal number of Wounds to the Wound Pool.


Source Materials

  1. TLAoK Core Rulebook v1.5: P. 54-55

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