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Reinforcement Phase

Regiments are not deployed at the start of the game. Instead, they arrive as reinforcements as play progresses.

During the Reinforcement Phase, group your Regiments set aside as Reinforcements by Class. Then proceed to roll one die for each Regiment in each Class that is to arrive this turn as shown in the Reinforcement table. This is the Reinforcement Roll. For every successful roll per Class you choose which Regiment of that Class will be coming from Reinforcements. The rolls required are as shown below:

Reinforcement Table

Turn Required Roll
Turn One Light Regiments arrive on a 3+.
Turn Two Light Regiments arrive on a 3+.
Medium Regiments arrive on a 5+.
Turn Three Light Regiments arrive automatically.
Medium Regiments arrive on a 3+.
Heavy Regiments arrive on a 5+.
Turn Four Medium Regiments arrive automatically.
Heavy Regiments arrive on a 3+.
Turn Five Heavy Regiments arrive automatically.

Place any Regiments that arrive to one side. They March onto the table during the Action Phase (p 28). Characters do not roll separately. They enter the battlefield attached to a Regiment from their Warband. The Character’s Class does not matter for purposes of coming in from reinforcements, only the Class of the Regiment he is attached to.

Reinforcements Marching onto the Battlefield

A Reinforcement Regiment Marches onto the Battlefield from your Reinforcement Zone, as determined at the beginning of each Player's Turn. Place the Regiment’s front rank onto the Battlefield, and then complete the March as normal, measuring from the edge of the Battlefield rather than the front of the Regiment, as you normally would. If one March Action is not enough to bring all of the Regiment’s stands onto the battlefield, then it must perform a second March Action to ensure all of its stands are on the field. Bear this in mind when you decide on the Regiment's formation - make sure it is not too deep to enter the battlefield at all!

Alternatively, you may bring your Reinforcements onto the Battlefield from any edge, provided that:

  • The point of entry is between your Reinforcement Zone and your Reinforcement Line.
  • The Regiment used to enter the Battlefield is no more forward than the most forward point of an enemy unit.

Reinforcement Line

The Reinforcement Line is determined at the beginning of each Player's turn. It is determined by drawing a line between your Reinforcement Zone and at least one enabling friendly Regiment. Heavy Regiments must arrive behind a Heavy or Medium Regiment; Medium Regiments behind a Heavy, Medium or Light Regiment, and Light Regiments must arrive behind other Light, Medium or Heavy Regiments.

Failed Reinforcement

If it is not possible for the Regiment to enter the Battlefield according to the rules given above, the Regiment returns to Reinforcements and may attempt to March onto the Battlefield next Turn.


Source Materials

  1. TLAoK Core Rulebook v1.5: P. 20-21, 30-31

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